PORTE APERTE...ALL'ARTE - Samo Industries Group promotes the dual concept of Factory and Art

    PORTE APERTE...ALL'ARTE - Samo Industries Group promotes the dual concept of Factory and Art


    Scheduled for September is the exclusive “Porte aperte... all’Arte” (Open doors… to Art), a particularly appealing programme of events organised by Inda and Samo, brand part of Samo Industries Group: within the framework of “Porte Aperte”, a project initiated by the Group that has been continually in progress for many years now, with the aim of promoting culture and bringing lustre to the local area. 

    “Porte aperte... all’Arte” will comprise a series of events, including a prestigious exhibition and a conference of exceptional interest. On Saturday 24 September, at 3.30 p.m., the refurbished Show Room - Osservatorio of Samo Industries Group in Bonavigo (Verona) will be hosting the inauguration of “Fabbricapop”, an exhibition dedicated to the works of the famous, multi-faceted artist Andy Warhol, which can be visited free of charge until 9 October 2016. Following the exhibition’s previous successful stop-off at Pagazzano Castle (in which Inda had a premium role to play among the businesses promoting the event), 25 of the renowned US artist’s finest works will be on show in Bonavigo. 

    An undisputedly acute observer of his age - the era of mass culture - Andy Warhol’s impersonal, pop-ular style was very much a trailblazer, turning the concept of art on its head thanks to his penchant for the use of industrial processes in the creation of his images. The exhibition will feature a selection of works produced between the mid-1950s and the 1980s, including one of his best-known and best-loved screen-prints: the one dedicated in 1967 to the timeless icon Marilyn Monroe. In the showroom, Warhol’s famous artworks will be complemented to perfection by the designer items of Samo and Inda, two brands that have taken on board industrial techniques for the reproduction of images. Indeed, just this year, on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2016, Samo launched digital printing for shower cabinet walls, a versatile technique that offers endless solutions for bringing a personal touch to the bathroom. 

    Another important appointment in the programme will be “La bellezza dell’Arte appassiona l’Abitare” (Living spaces inspired by the beauty of art), a conference led by the outstanding art historian and critic Vittorio Sgarbi. This interesting event will take place on Wednesday 28 September at 6.00 p.m., in the factory in Bonavigo, by invitation only.

    “Porte Aperte... all’Arte” seeks in particular to pay homage to the dual concept of Factory and Art, in which Samo Industries Group plays a leading role, with a view to continuing to strengthen and enhance both the brands’ image and their ties with the local area. Just as the craftsmen of yesteryear once shaped their creations in their workshops, today the factories of the new millennium are places where ideas can be shared and projects discussed, making them genuine powerhouses of creativity where contemporary craftsmen are able to shape new forms of art, using technology.  

    “Just as Andy Warhol conceived his Factory as a collective, creative workshop, here at Samo Industries Group we consider our factories as open spaces in which the work of each individual is an essential stage in a process that evolves from an idea to the creation of bathroom solutions with a unique, innovative design, an expression of contemporary living styles”
    , explained Denis Venturato, President of Samo Industries Group