Creativity, originality and distinctive elegance are elements which identify and express the design of INDA through a wide offer of products, from the classic to the modern, until the most avant-garde solutions. The Research & Development division of Inda is a comprehensive department, breeding ground of ideas which are constantly evolving. Not only big names, but also a laboratory for young and emerging designers, Inda cooperate since many years with the most prestigious Italian and European academies and universities. Constant stylistic research always focused on understanding and representing the contemporary trends of the bathroom living and on offering the greatest flexibility to combine the various proposals.


The market recognize to Inda a leadership position thanks to the constant process of research focused on design, functionality, quality and attention to the details. The Inda offer is also characterized by an important choice of colours and finishes. Inda put a lot of attention to the selection of the raw materials used to realize their products. The constant research on the quality of the materials allow the Inda products to be recognized by the market as reliable and lasting in the long term period.


All the Inda factory units grant the highest possible quality of the final products. A working method which combines attention with constant technological innovation of the production lines tasted and approved by the TÜV quality system according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards. All the operational processes, from the order entry till the delivery of the products are under constant control. TÜV Italy grant the compliance of INDA to the high quality standards imposed by the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification. All the electrical and lighting products of Inda conform to the CE standards, the mandatory passport for all European union borders. 

TÜV certificate