Lido Palace


    Riva del Garda, Italy | 2010

    December 1899: Riva del Garda, in one of the most evocative spots of the entire lake, the hotel Lido Palace opened its doors. At the time, the Trentino and Riva were borderline lands of the Hapsburg Empire and the location was chosen as a holiday resort by the Imperial family itself and by many distinguished guests.
    The Lido was designed to rival the best hotels that were springing everywhere in Europe, in the historical turmoil that was later called the "Belle Epoque".
    One hundred and eleven years have passed since that day, a total renovation that lasted two years was successful in keeping the same old atmosphere, but achieving nevertheless a contemporary look. Today, wearing new clothes and showing rightful pride, the hotel offers its guests 42 rooms, including 8 suites and 6 junior suites with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and the lake, two restaurants, the Balì bar with its modern interpretation under the palace “liberty” roofs, a 1.500 mq SPA that matches the unique style of the hotel and where customers can choose between different proposals that embraces both the East and West traditions.
    The hotel historic park, dating back to the late nineteenth century, has a total area of ​​about 12,500 square meters, with significant presence of Cedrus, Cupressus, Magnolia, Taxus, Laurus, Thuya,Trachycarpus. The project for the greenery was based on a careful intervention with cleanup, control and reorganization of the existing green and it is in harmony with the romantic character and historical feeling of the entire environment.