Inda conducts its business in compliance with current regulations, taking care to protect the interests of third parties, as safeguarded by the law.
It aims to harmoniously maximise the specific needs of those involved in the entire industrial operating environment, with a view to meeting the needs of all interested parties.

In particular, it takes the utmost care to respect the contractual commitments made to customers and suppliers, to protect the health and safety of its staff, and to protect the environment in which its production processes are developed.

Consequently, Inda has set itself the following goals, which constitute both the Company Quality Policy, and which act as a reference for the managers who operate in the name and on behalf of the Company:

- Business process managers seek to acquire orders from customers, committing Inda to comply with contractual requirements that are compatible with its business capacity and with the need to create a stable profit for the company.

- Those responsible for the procurement of goods and services that impact the quality of the Inda product select suppliers according to criteria of quality and reliability, as well as cost-effectiveness.

- Those responsible for production and quality control processes ensure the Inda product complies with statutory and regulatory requirements and with internal specifications, through adequate preventive checks on the process and the product, before the product is released to the customer.

- Those in charge of logistics processes and information systems ensure that suitable structures designed to move goods, services and information both within and outside the company are available and functioning, as defined in the Quality System and by the CEO.

- Any customer complaints, whether written or verbal, are acknowledged by Inda's managers and are quickly resolved and analysed in order to prevent the causes that led to the complaints from reoccurring.

- There is planned maintenance for plant, equipment and instrumentation in order to prevent, as far as is possible, faults or breakdowns that could affect the work schedule.

- Human resources are valued at all levels of the organisation, through a process of selection, ongoing training and motivation on issues of quality, safety and the environment

To make these goals achievable, Inda's CEO has decided to:

- Implement a quality management system, documented in accordance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, and obtain certification of compliance for this system from a Certification Body.

- Ensure the organisational autonomy, the necessary resources and the delegation of authority to implement and maintain the Quality Management System and make the procedures for achieving the quality objectives and continuous improvement applicable.

- Plan investments and provide resources for the implementation of the Quality Management System and of subsequent programmes for its improvement.

To make the improvement of the processes being developed within Inda with respect to the objectives laid down measurable, the CEO is setting those in charge of the quality-relevant processes some annual and quantifiable targets that can be measured with statistical methods. The actual achievement of the annual objectives will be reviewed by the CEO during the Annual Review of the quality system. The outcome of the reviews will enable the CEO to develop further plans to bring the processes to the desired state.
The same Quality Policy will be continuously reviewed to verify its adequacy for the purpose of improving Inda's performance. This document will be posted within the company to announce the quality policy and the objectives of the quality system implementation and certification programme.
The CEO of INDA has defined and circulated the following policy, in which he succinctly expresses the intentions for and commitments to quality.
The domestic and international market situation requires that the product/service offered by INDA to its customers evolve and improve constantly.

In this context, the Quality Management System adopted by Inda will allow it to develop its business in terms of:

- Design and functionality development;
- Competitiveness;
- Product quality;
- Customer Service.

"Quality" is therefore an organisational strategy involving the entire Company and encompassing the entire production and management cycle of the product.
The results in terms of quality will derive from the integrated action between the business functions and the staff.

All employees are involved in the Quality System.
- the actions,
- the attitude,
- the professional skills,
of the staff shall be consistent with the quality objectives and continuously developed.